Mid of 2019

Oh well, I am back blogging after a long time away! And exactly how long has it been? 3 years? Yeah I guess it’s something like that. So many things that has happened changed me over the past few years. Medical problems, family squabbles but most life changing event is the fact that I lost […]

Cherished Moments

This morning, Tasha sounded so sad because she knows she is heading to school. So I asked her, “Do you want chocolates?” She says “No”, “Ice-Cream?” “No” “McDonalds?” “No” then I asked her what does she wants…and she said “She only wants Mommy” awwww….that’s when I felt so loved and my heart melts 🙂

Barney Happiness

This post is so long overdue. Tasha celebrated her birthday weeks earlier before it was due because of school holidays. Celebrating a child’s birthday is always a pleasant surprise, I get to see Tasha’s face light up and being very excited over her Barney cake and balloon. She tries to talk to me about it […]

Stomach Flu

Till now I was not aware of a disease known as ‘Stomach Flu’ or it’s scientific name ‘Viral gastroenteritis’. Until Tasha contracted it and was hospitalised previously, and now she had it again from her daycare. Apparently a boy in her daycare ends up vomiting and somehow when I fetch her back from the daycare […]