Stomach Flu

Till now I was not aware of a disease known as ‘Stomach Flu’ or it’s scientific name ‘Viral gastroenteritis’. Until Tasha contracted it and was hospitalised previously, and now she had it again from her daycare. Apparently a boy in her daycare ends up vomiting and somehow when I fetch her back from the daycare […]


My IBS symptoms seem to beĀ getting worse as the day passes by. Couple with irregular meals and sleep, it deteriorates and I am not sure what to do now but to immediately change my diet. Perhaps I’ve been too stress recently with my business, the cafe, my bedridden Mom, and Tasha. I always have a […]


Not too long ago, a friend recommended that I try Weet-Bix for breakfast and if can for dinner as well. She told me that she had those for breakfast everyday and it helps to keep her weight off. And for your info, she’s a pencil slim girl that in my opinion do not need to […]

Atkins Diet

I remember doing the Atkins Diet when I was younger. It wasn’t just through advices from magazines or books but a slimming centre. Yes, I’ve been to slimming centres when I was younger in my quest for ‘body beautiful’ but that’s another story for another blog post some other day. I just want to highlight […]

Online Fitness

Yes, I’ve been considering joining a gym recently especially the one nearby my house at Tesco where I frequent regularly. So I went there and have a look, survey their changing rooms, asked some questions on fees and membership requirements. Then I figured that I am still NOT a gym person. Seriously there are just […]

Sleep Talking

Do you talk in your sleep? I do! I’m not sure whether it’s normal, but I googled and found some interesting facts about sleep talking. I never thought it’s actually abnormal to sleep talk. All these while I thought that it’s just what children do when they sleep. But then again, I’m an adult! It’s […]

Old age

Yesterday I received a call from my Dad telling me that he once again fainted while walking home from the street. Thank God for sending a good samaritan that took him to a nearby clinic. It’s not the first time that this happened to him, and so the doctor gave him a good lecture about […]