Cherished Moments

This morning, Tasha sounded so sad because she knows she is heading to school. So I asked her, “Do you want chocolates?” She says “No”, “Ice-Cream?” “No” “McDonalds?” “No” then I asked her what does she wants…and she said “She only wants Mommy” awwww….that’s when I felt so loved and my heart melts 🙂

A Dream

I woke up at around 4am today after experiencing such an intense emotions through a dream. In the dream, I was someone else but with existing friends that I don’t really hang out with in my real life. It’s weird because I was so much younger in my dream? Perhaps in my early 20s? We […]

Ed Sheeran

I guess this song has got to be my all time favourite song at the moment because it was so meaningful and sweet at the same time. I can listen to it the entire day without doing anything else. Then I discovered that my brother-in-law was secretly filming Tasha using his iPhone all these while […]

Goo goo, ga ga

These days, Tasha has been trying to communicate with us through her special ‘baby’ language. She will go around talking to us in her own funny language that we find her so adorable the entire time. For me, I will constantly just smothered her with lots of kisses and hugs whenever she tries to talk, […]