Ed Sheeran

I guess this song has got to be my all time favourite song at the moment because it was so meaningful and sweet at the same time. I can listen to it the entire day without doing anything else. Then I discovered that my brother-in-law was secretly filming Tasha using his iPhone all these while […]

Sam Smith

Have you heard of him? His soulful voice will definitely make you remember him I guess, and I was drawn to his music ever since the radio starts debuting his songs repeatedly. Like Adele, he appears out of nowhere and suddenly become famous overnight with his songs. It’s just like me to like melancholic songs/music […]

Worship Leading

Me worship leading while playing the guitar? Never in my imagination am I able to fathom that it will come to past. In my previous cell group, there were¬†2 guitarists that took turns leading worship every week. But that’s in the past, because I no longer attend that cell. Somehow, nothing happened accidentally, perhaps it’s […]