RIP Teddy

Today my Teddy is in paradise where he is free to roam without the worry of dog catchers arresting him. He’s free to eat anything his heart desires and most importantly he is able to see again. And I am sure pretty soon, he will feels at home with other doggies in paradise as well. I […]

Bye Cookie

All good things have to come to an end, and so that’s the short but unforgettable times that I’ll ever get to share with Cookie. As of now, Cookie is playing with his new owner who loves him as much as I do (probably more) and me feeling miserable because I missed him a lot. […]

Cookie Monster

There I go again acting impulsively and ended up welcoming a new puppy to our home. We named him ‘Cookie’ because he’s good enough to eat and can be a monster at times. It’s a mix breed of Pekingese/Shih Tzu or better known as Peke-a-Tzu. The puppy inherited all the traits from both parents, short […]

Baby Milly

Yesterday was a totally packed day for me, I went to a client’s place for photography and ended up playing with baby Milly! She was so cute and it has been a really long while since I last play with any baby. I was working with Tom on his company’s website. He has just shifted here […]

Why My Teddy?

Today is a sad day…we found out that Teddy is officially blind. Both his eyes can’t see anymore that is why he kept bumping into things. I’m depress, he can’t see me anymore, but when he hears my voice he’s still wagging his tail. At least he can still recognise my voice, but he used […]

It’s Alive!

Yes, my new starter yeast is still alive until today! I’m really excited and can’t wait to start baking with it. I’ve started the yeast last week and have been feeding it twice a day. For those that do not know, this is a prelude to my own sourdough bread. I’ve yet to taste a […]