Letting Go

I’ve decided to move on and abandon my involvement at the cafe. So starting next month, I will not be working or monitoring the cafe operations any longer. The fact that I’ve even gotten involve in the cafe biz is because I was kind enough to provide value-added services to the client based on goodwill. Since their […]

My Perfect Job

I took one of those lame quiz online yesterday. So what is my perfect job? And I was totally surprised! Your perfect job is viticulturist! You are close to nature, hardworking, and combine a certain sense of taste with sales ability. You could scale the Mount Olympus of wines with the vines you cultivate! You […]


I’m amazed that my blog was not properly saved last night resulting in an uncompleted blog post yesterday regarding my quest to find suitable babysitter for Tasha. Anyway, I’ve corrected it now. Then I came across this article on ’20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are’ and realized that […]