Work and Dinner

Today’s is all about work…work..and work. I don’t even have time for lunch with my Thai colleagues. Hmmm…but I did not get to the Thai office until 11am though, out of which I’ve already had a hearty breakfast, so I don’t really mind not having lunch. It was interesting being able to interview the marketing […]

Beer Garden Party

Well at least that’s what the Thai called it…it’s one of those favorite parties they hold for business associates to celebrate and appreciate their support given throughout the year. And so my second day in Bangkok after I landed was to ensure that everything for the event is properly done. The entire day was filled […]

Feeling Sick

Haven’t been feeling well for the past few weeks, logged into WoW and it was fun meeting back old friends last nights. Everyone actually missed me! How amazing..hhahaha…Not sure whether I want to go visit the doc, wasn’t fun I guess seeing the same old doctor over and over again. But it’s worse when you […]

Famous Lisa

I am actually amazed to find out that there are so many famous LISA out there. Look what I have found about the name Lisa, what it means and what it is being used for from the beginning of time…lol…here goes (make sure you are ready for this :P)   ·          LISA is a very popular female […]