Tell me what is it that you don’t like about yourself?

I finally managed to catch up with the second season of Nip Tuck during the time I recover from my sickness a few days back. Apart from the usual ridiculous story line which is rather interesting. I find the series is actually quite good, I don’t have any particular favourite character within the show which […]

New Place

I had a relaxing weekend at home after I officially moved in all the daily stuffs I used from the apartment to my new place. So far, I’ve stayed there for a couple of nights and except for the usual barking from dogs around the neighbourhood at night, otherwise it is VERY quite and peaceful. […]


I never thought that I’ll be a victim of insomnia…I’ve heard of people having it before but then again those people are not my close friends so I have no idea how terribly bad it can get. Imagine lying in bed trying so hard to force yourself to sleep and yet not successful, then you […]