Rock Star

I was listening to this song by Nickelback and was thinking that the song was my exact sentiment at the moment..It’s my favorite song for now, and I like it very much…here’s the lyrics 🙂 visit if you want to listen to the song… I’m through with standing in line to the clubs I’ll […]

Carpe diem

It’s Monday again and what better day than this to start everything afresh after a restful night of sleep. My weekends has not been as exciting as some people but at least I get to rest and now that the weekday is here again, I can’t wait to get all work done. I had a fun […]

Chap Goh Mei

The last day of Chinese New Year aka Chap Goh Mei has been crazy. Since it is the final day for everyone to have excuses to gamble, a majority of my colleagues and some overseas friends were all gathered at my house to play cards. Initially started off as a harmless fun soon turns out to be one of those […]