Crisis Management

Are women more prone to dealing with midlife crisis better than men? Are they more optimistic when it comes to dealing with the loss of their career, family tragedy, divorce etc. Well I seems to think so…men has always had a more logical stance when it comes to deciding factor but it has always been […]

If the shoe fits

Whenever we talk about white shoes, we’ll be imagining weddings, balls or graduation ceremonies. My favorite shoe color has always been black because it’s versatile and easy to match with the clothes I am wearing plus it’s always in season. But I do like white shoes too, it represents something elite and classy in which […]

Dinner at home

I have so much time at home yesterday night because I wasn’t online due to the screw-ups of my wireless LAN card.  So I decided to make something nice for dinner instead. I make a nice creamy mashed potatoes with chicken chop in brown sauce and salad with tzatziki dip for the main course. That […]

SERVAS meeting

The first SERVAS meeting in 2008 was fun with more members attending than usual. It’s one of the first canopy walk and picnic session in which get us to appreciate FRIM and nature. There were more than 10 of us and some traveled all the way from Johor Bahru (South of  Malaysia) just to participate […]

Se a vida é

What makes a person an expert in love relations? Is it just because they have been in and out of relationship so many times that they have finally seen the light?! Everyone has their own perceptions and feelings toward love, they know what they were doing when they continue on a relationship with someone, doing […]

Handheld Sudoku

The handheld sudoku which I ordered online finally make it’s appearance at my office yesterday 🙂 Hooray! So I don’t have to just hop radio channels during my commuting to work in LRT, I get to  solve my favourite past time puzzle too! I’m quite happy that I get to solve Sudoku electronically instead of […]