A robot nation?

To compensate for the shortage of young workers willing to do menial tasks, the Japan Robot Association, the Japanese government, and several technology institutions drafted a formal plan to create a society in which robots live side by side with humans by the year 2010. Gosh! I really salute the vision that Japan has as […]

Monsoon ID Salon

It has been awhile since I last visited the hair salon which I always frequent, Monsoon ID which is situated in 1 Utama shopping complex. Every time I went there, my hairstylist changed…first it was Dash, then it’s Amy, then it’s Joseph and now it’s Abby. Sigh…so many good hairstylist gone, they kept getting replaced. […]


Although I am not a fan of network applications like Friendster, Facebook and a wide variety of others online, I got to admit that it’s a great way for friends to keep in touch! I’ve so many long lost school mates that I’ve met again through Facebook, if I did not join it, I wouldn’t […]