Weird dream

I had a weird dream this morning that I am a kindergarten teacher again and was teaching little kids how to swim. Hmmm, the dream kind of reminded me how I’ve missed children’s companionship. Children are so spontaneous and there is nothing artificial in the way they treat you, if they don’t like someone, they will not be […]


Had dinner at my sister’s place this evening. Didn’t really help her do much of anything, except to peel eggs, wash some vege and set the table 😛 I think it’s really nice that there is a verandah outside her house at the garden area for gatherings such as these. Besides being cosy it’s actually much cooler […]

Discounts card

Being a marketer, I’ve never fully believe in discounts or promotional cards from a retail centre. We all know that their sole purpose is to make sure you spent more by buying from them. That’s how the birthday voucher, member’s only sales preview come to be as well. I was clearing my purse the other day and discovered I have […]

Shu Fanatic

Yes, I’m officially tagged as a ‘Shu Fanatic’ after spending nearly RM1k on their cosmetic products over their counter in KLCC. There were so many cosmetic brands which I’ve been using over the years, such as Stila, Body Shop, MAC, Bobby Brown, Origins and others which I can’t remember. What I found out is….Stila (a brand […]

Of Birthday wishes…

    Another year has come and gone by so swiftly, and yet everything remained the same, my career, my future, my family and my friends. Tomorrow’s my birthday it seems, it’s depressing to know that you’re halfway through your life and yet don’t really make much difference in anything. Usually there’s a birthday cake, a […]