Fun exercise

    I’ve just started doing Step aerobics at home and it’s fun  Who would have thought that exercise could do that? And nowadays I just can’t wait to reach home after work everyday so I can start exercising. Despite the fact that I’m following my favourite instructor Kathy Smith (the aerobic guru) in her step […]

Chicken Fiesta

      So both my nephews are old enough to work now…and after working at one of their favourite eateries, La Casa where they serve Italian cuisine they are currently serving at my favourite Korean BBQ franchise during their college breaks. We decided to go there after work just to see how the boys were doing. Somehow only managed to see […]

Almost Done

    I’m almost done reading this book which I’ve bought a couple of weeks back. Loading a book with humorous caricatures, myths, and factoids is a risky undertaking, when readers expect doctors to remain "formal". But, the authors who are well known doctors have opted to present hard science in simple artistic format and succeeded in […]


Well with this week wrapping up…I guess most moslems will be leaving the city this weekend and heading back to their hometown to celebrate Hari Raya. So, the city will officially be empty this coming week and traffic will ease. Hooray! I still think it’s amazing that more than half the population of KL folks originated elsewhere […]

Why Teddy?!

All these while, I’ve never want to tie Teddy up for no reason at all. He’s left to roam free in the front compound of the house and will bark at anyone suspicious who’s trying to go near the house, be it the postman or the garbage collector. He usually don’t even barks at female […]

Hooray for Twitter

    First there was email, then instant messaging, followed by blogging. Now there’s Twitter! I’m officially a twitter-er now!  Twitter is a service for friends, family and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Now I can post updates on my activities […]

Que Sera Sera

I’ve heard of the phrase ‘Find a job you love and you don’t have to work another day in the rest of your life’. But that so rarely happened isn’t it?   Recent events in the financial world have highlighted the reality that jobs don’t come with a guarantee, no matter how stable the company authorizing […]

Should marriage expires after 7 years?

If the notorious seven-year itch exists, wouldn’t it be more efficient to end marriages before they end themselves? That’s what one Bavarian politician is suggesting. Gabriele Pauli says that, at the seven-year mark, couples should either agree to extend their marriage or the marriage should automatically dissolve because she thinks that many marriages last just […]

Movie Mania

    Well, it looks like my weekend will be spent watching movies since it has been disrupted by some last minute plans. I bought movies like Sex and The City, You don’t mess with The Zohan, Get Smart, Death Race, Jumper, Penelope and Pathology. So far I’ve completed 3 movies and my favourite is […]


Call me an officially boring person, yes I think I AM 😛 cos I’ve just registered with Chesscube the online chess portal whereby you get to chat and play chess with online players from all over the world. I’d say it’s a good training ground for noob player like me hhhmmm….the thing I like so much about Chesscube is knowing […]