I remember when I was young, whenever something bad happened to me or no matter how unhappy I felt, after some time the hurt and sadness will be gone and I will not remember or think about it anymore. How I wish it’s the same once we’ve turned into adults. Perhaps I am being idealistic […]

My Christmas

    My 4 hours journey to Penang during Christmas wasn’t what I’ve expected it to be, but I’m glad we made it there safely and on time to attend my cousin’s wedding. One lesson that I’ve learned from this trip is to never mix family functions with pleasure! Besides a wedding to attend I thought I will be able to […]

Web standards

Gone were the days when web designer use customs table from their web editing applications for websites. Well, generally a LOT of people are still doing that I guess because they are comfortable doing so and as such don’t feel the need to learn new way of doing the same old thing. It’s basically easy […]


The hardest Hebrew word to translate in the bible ‘Selah’ actually has a rich meaning behind it. Quite literally, the word Selah was used as a musical or choir notation that signaled a pause in the music.  It means to “pause, reflect, and to consider what has come before.”  It is like a spiritual speed […]

My fave food goddess

  There’s something about Nigella Lawson. She’s my favourite cook that can dish up great looking feasts in record breaking time. I love watching her cook while instructing us on how and why everything should end up in her poise British accent. She’s beautiful too! Not to mention her creations always look so good. I think her accent helps lend an interesting twist […]