Party preps

  And so, initially just thought of serving cookies, ‘bakkwa’ and tidbits to my guests today, I’ve decided to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls instead (look at this cute mushroom, it’s part of the ingredients and is so cute, I don’t feel like destroying it.) Halfway through preparing the food, I’ve somehow managed to fried rice vermicelli as […]

Therapeutic herbal tea

Globe Amaranth, Gypenoside, Red rose and Stevia …well, those are the ingredients of the herbal tea that I’ve mixed up the entire evening into tea bags. Not really sure whether it really do what it say it does, such as reducing heatiness, improving blood functions, prevents skin aging, hastens repair of tissue and other functions, but I’m going to […]

Yummy Bak Kwa

  Ok, I have to admit that I’ve never been a die-hard fan of ‘Bak Kwa’ (Chinese pork jerky) but then everytime when Chinese New Year approaches, there will be a long line of people queing up specialty ‘Bak Kwa’ shops in Chinatown waiting to buy these overpriced snacks. Why overpriced? Well, it seems that […]

Plans and reasons

I remembered not long ago of what I’ve been planning for Chinese New Year and now that it’s just around the corner, everything did not really churn out to be as what I’ve expected. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never like to make any plans at all, be it long or short terms. Not sure whether it’s something good or bad. My philosophy […]