Earth Hour

Are you supporting the earth hour? Today’s the day and my according to my local time, I am still more than an hour away from switching off lights. I wonder whether everyone’s going to do it? And I wonder what’s going to happen to the night market? It’s deadly quiet, in fact I’ve never experienced such […]

Meow meow

I was on my way back from my walk with Teddy and then I heard this consistent meowing near the tennis court. I noticed there were around 3 tiny kittens scrambling around trying to look for their mom with their eyes barely open. Maybe someone must have left the kittens there for some reason, because I can’t locate any […]

My wish list

I’m in a dreamy mood today and thought I might as well blog about my wish list, I’m not very greedy I think because I only have 10 wishes but maybe I am, I don’t care, I’m entitled to dream  and so here goes … I wish … I’m living in a secluded island somewhere, completely self sufficient […]

A waste of time

It’s a dissappointment nonetheless  Street Fighter, The Legend of Chun Li was nothing like how I’ve imagine it to be. Not only did they select a Caucasian to be Chun Li, the rest of the casts in the show can’t act. As a result, there’s these cheesy feel to the entire show. All I can say is, it’s so obvious […]