Liver flush tonic

How can something good and beneficial taste like water from the gutter? Yucks, yucks, yucks! Apparently that’s how the tonic taste like. It’s an organic concoction made up of Green Powder (wheat grass, spirulina etc), Black Strap Molasses, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Juice. And the drink is supposed to help me […]


How I wish sometimes that I can understand the language or intentions of my superior. Unfortunately, in this not so perfect world, all we can do is to continue guessing and then keeping our fingers crossed hoping that we are doing the right thing. The more questions and the more objections you bring up will only portray […]

Flavius, Flo, Baby

My fave bro-in-law is in town all of a sudden and is staying in our house. We were with him in 1U yesterday to shop for his stuffs. It has been a long time since I last see him! And as usual, we were exchanging stories about his life back home, latest games he’s addicted to, gadgets that he’s interested in […]

Earth Day

  I managed to visit Ikano Power Center, the mall next to Ikea, yesterday where they’re having an Earth Day exhibition. There were a lot of vendors selling all sorts of ‘earth friendly’ items such as bicycle, shopping bags, organic edible plant, toiletries, household products etc. I personally find the white spray painted bicycles to be very […]

Diner Dash

All right, I have an ugly confession to make, and that is, I am hopelessly drawn to cute,silly game. I don’t really care whether there’s any story behind it or anything as long as it’s cute, fast, hassle free I’ll easily be addicted to it. And so, I’ve completed all 50 levels of my Diner Dash […]