A family weekend

  It has been a while indeed, but my brother is back in town for a visit. He’s based in Sydney and usually will bring his latest girlfriend along. However I think the entire family are somewhat surprised this time around when there is no girl in tow…hahhaha….I get him to pose for me so I can […]

A Grand Finale

One of our major event for this month has just passed and hopefully now that it is over, things will be normal again. I did not handle this event, but everything has been great and properly planned prior to the event. Never underestimate the power of teamwork! So I managed to capture the snapshots of the events last week.   […]


  I had a wonderful lunch with Lester earlier during lunch. Now that we both work just next to each other’s office building, we can have lunch almost everyday! Went to a local cafe where they serve this really nice local food. It’s a newly opened cafe known as Pappa Rich around Uptown, the area where I am now working. […]