Nose job

It’s not exactly a nose job but somehow it is I guess because the surgeon that was doing my nose, somehow straightened my nose. The past few days have been hectic for me because in between being busy with work, I was admitted to Damansara Specialist Hospital to get my nasal polyps removed. My sinus […]

Happy again

Look who’s coming over for a sleepover? It’s Happy, the toy poodle belonging to Jennifer, the little girl who has just migrated from Holland. She and her family are currently traveling for the coming 3 weeks and so knowing that I have always love Happy, she decided to put him with me instead of a […]

New Hobby

I’ve a new hobby and even though it sounds weird, I’m going to blog about it anyway. That I am not a cyclist and I DON’T KNOW how to cycle 😛 Yesterday was nerve wrecking, but I finally can ride behind two wheels now, and as usual I realize I just need to have confident that […]

BBQ Party

It wasn’t really a party in fact, just a reunion for everyone to talk while enjoying delicious bbq. It did not really went well for me because I went missing at the later stage when I have to drive my dad and my brother all the way to Seri Kembangan. It was an experience that […]