A fine meal

My entire afternoon at Tropicana Shopping Mall, ended with dinner at Kiku Zakura, which they claimed to be one of the most authentic Japanese restaurant around. I used to visit their outlet at AvenueK in KLCC but they have closed down now. Food quality is good, I get to taste large octopus within my Takoyaki and their Gyoza comes with large […]


I finally get to meet the Tachibana-san and his wife Midori yesterday after their trip to Malacca. Tachibana-san speaks very good English. He’s a translator and his company specializes in patent translation for companies in Japan. Midori-san, his wife is a piano teacher. They are both extremely polite people and I guess that’s one of the […]

Brothers Reunite

Well, I never knew I’ll be able to take a snap shot of this since it’s very rare for the brothers to get together. However, 2 other siblings, a brother and his sister are currently in his hometown. It has been ages since we’ve last seen Flavius, maybe a few years? I can’t really recall anymore. […]

Hallo Fabian!

I’ve been so busy these past few days. All in all I had a wonderful time getting to know Fabian, who’s a traveller from Holland. Fabian’s mom an Asian and he’s been doing a lot of travelling around South East Asia. He’s been through most part of Europe, Indonesia, Singapore and currently visiting East Malaysia […]