Flash Floods

I’m not sure whether it’s a blessing in disguise when I accidentally took the wrong turn on my way to Klang this morning. I’m supposed to be there at 11am today for a meeting with a new client. Klang is an area which I am not familiar with, it’s an industrial area with the shipping industry predominantly occupying […]

Mini Pizza

I learnt to make these pizza for dinner today. Gotten the recipe from a friend that managed to produce wonderful pizzas which everyone adores recently. It wasn’t really difficult at all, just the part where you need to knead the dough of course. And also the cutting and slicing of ingredients which can be a […]

Faithful Teddy

Every evening without fail, Teddy will be at the door staring at it without moving, waiting for me to bring him out. I’m not sure exactly how long he stared or what’s going through his mind during that time. All I know is that he will wags his tail excitedly upon seeing me open the […]

The Vampire Diaries

Ever since I’ve cancelled the subscription for my satellite TV, I’ve been watching shows online instead. I have to admit it’s less time consuming because while waiting for it to stream I can reply my emails, blog or do something else. Some of my favorite tv sitcoms are Supernatural, Family Guy, Modern Family, How I Met Your […]

The brain food

Yesterday was my first attempt in making ‘Otak-otak’ it’s a malay word for ‘brains’! However it is actually a traditional Nyonya (Straits Chinese) food. It involves a lot of ingredients and spices but the most expensive ingredient would be the fish fillet itself. Otak-otak is actually fish mousse with lots of spices. Initially I wanted […]