Found these a while back, can’t help thinking how true it is …and yet funny at the same time! Your car is Japanese. Your pizza is Italian. Your potato is Irish. Your wine is Spanish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Colombian. Your tea is Sri Lankan. Your watch is Swiss. Your fashion is French. Your […]

How to make money online

One of my favorite marketing guru is Seth Godin. Not only is he creative, he’s very focused and knowledgeable about marketing. I have most of his books and also subscribe to his feeds. So I received some pretty impressive ideas, thoughts that he had regarding business, branding and marketing/sales process. Here’s something about making money online that I can’t […]

Health and Wealth

In the ancient Chinese society, having both health and wealth is the epitome of human success. Happiness always come last. However is that really the case for the wealthy? Once you have both things in your life, what else are there for you to look forward to? Family bonding? Happiness? Closer friendship? Let’s take a […]


If you want to call to US or Canada for free from anywhere in the world, then it’s a good idea to download iCall. Similar with Skype, iCall is another chat application and is growing in popularity. I have never really tested the voice calls, but was told that it’s high definition, so it must […]

Bob’s Burgers

I never really understand why I never give up watching Bob’s Burgers. The drawings aren’t very impressive, the storyline is boring and the dialogs are horrendous at times! I probably watch it because of it’s soundtracks and perhaps some of its moral values. It has some good old American family values that I appreciate. It’s […]

Baking Class

I signed up for baking class when I bought some baking ingredients recently. It’s something that I never expect myself to do but this time I decided to bring a friend along with me since it’s a free class anyway. The presenter was very friendly and did a demo with her ‘MagicMix’ food processor which […]

Spring Cleaning

I did spring cleaning today at my home and move out my work desk from the claustrophobic room to the living area next to the window. By moving out from the room, I will be able to save up on electricity because I don’t need to switch on lights or the air-conditioner during daytime. I’ll […]