Bread in Tesco

Last night while waiting for my movie to begin in the cinema, we went strolling around Tesco Hypermarket. Then we passed by the bakery and saw a lot of people¬†queuing¬†and staring at the kitchen area for the staff to bring out some buns. We were wondering what’s all the commotion about and when the buns […]


Recently I came across an awesome testimony from an ex-church member. He’s a good friend and works in The Agape Services for the Blind in town. Here’s his testimony, and I hope you are encouraged, God really protects him… David Recovered all!! Living in the society where crime cases are becoming more rampant nowadays, the […]

Maddi Jane

Nowadays everyone wants to be a singer, dancer or musician. That includes Maddi Jane, some of her rendition of modern popular tracks are quite nice, but I am skeptical about young artist getting into the entertainment industry. Remember Michael Jackson? Hopefully things would be different for her and plentiful of opportunity so she don’t give […]

Prayer Walk

This morning, our entire cell did a prayer walk around our new church building. Walking around the area and the community, we sensed a lot of spiritual warfare. There is this large Buddhist office right next to the church building! And surrounding the shop lots there are offices which belonged to the same Buddhist organization. […]