Nokia Lumia 800

Earlier this year, I bought a new Sony Ericsson handphone and after getting used to it, and dropping it a few times, the phone is no longer working properly. Whenever someone called, sms or if I had a missed call, the phone can no longer capture it in its memory. It’s definitely frustrating when I […]

Psalmist Night

A former church friend invited me to attend an event which I’ve stop attending nearly 10 years ago. Guess what? Everything is still the same, the church, the settings and the pastor was there to greet us when we arrived. A lot of my former church members were happy to see us and we had […]

True Treasures

Today I read a very interesting news online….here’s the news derived from TheStar Online. Undergrad’s life savings of RM106,000 lost to termites A TAIWANESE undergraduate who kept her entire savings in a safe at home because she did not trust banks found her NT$1mil (RM106,600) in notes eaten by termites, reported Nanyang Siang Pau. The woman, […]


Ever since 100 Yen shop made it’s first debut in KL not long ago, Daiso made its appearance not long after. Then 100 Yen rebrand its identity and is now known as TokuTokuya. I would say that it still sells everything from household items to food, stationeries and children toys. I stumbled upon it yesterday […]