Jelly Cake

To be honest, I am not a fan of jelly cake. It used to be quite popular a while back during children’s birthday parties, where parents actually preferred to order jelly cake for their child instead of the regular chocolate sponge cake. Apparently, jelly cake is much more healthier and had more fiber content. I […]

Sleep Talking

Do you talk in your sleep? I do! I’m not sure whether it’s normal, but I googled and found some interesting facts about sleep talking. I never thought it’s actually abnormal to sleep talk. All these while I thought that it’s just what children do when they sleep. But then again, I’m an adult! It’s […]

Teddy’s Home

Finally, Teddy’s home! We went to the vet first thing in the morning and the hospital is packed with people and their pets! It’s public holiday today and so I guess everyone is free to bring their dog for medical check-up. Either that or there are just a LOT of sick dogs! Anyway, the vet, […]

Missing Teddy

Miss Teddy a lot, he’s not home yet the vet called me earlier this afternoon. He told me that he suspects that Teddy had trauma from head injury. So he asked me whether Teddy knocked his head against anything hard, that probably will cause the fluid in his eye to build up and eventually cause […]

Something to ponder

24 year old Ogilvy China employee dies from ‘overwork’ A 24 year old employee at Ogilvy & Mather China’s offices in Beijing suffered a sudden heart attack on May 14. Prior to his death he had being working overtime for a month, not leaving the offices until 11pm every day,according to Yangzi Evening News The […]