Well Done

We were at Publika last week for dinner and stumbled across Elizabeth’s performing in a singing competition. Elizabeth is actually the youngest daughter of our a church we used to attend previously. There are a LOT of people in that church that sings really well. It’s a worshipping church afterall, and not only that they […]

Cough, cough

Haze has been quite an annual event that happen in our country, thanks to the seasonal burn off from Sumatra, Indonesia, our neighbouring country. Haze returns this year, at this similar period of time when the region experiences dry and hot season with little rain. However, it is not Malaysia that is hit hard by […]

My Pasta Machine

Lester bought me a pasta machine recently, it’s something that I have been looking for a long long time. Not sure why it’s so difficult to find the machine. My local favourite noodles is actually ‘Pan Mee’ direct translations meaning ‘Flat Noodles’. It’s made from flour, water and eggs just like pasta. It’s a bit […]