La Cuisine

I’ve recently purchased a cast iron red casserole cookware. I’ve been told that there’s a manufacturer lifetime warranty to the product but I am not sure how that works. How can a cookware break unless you drop it while holding or transporting the casserole dish? If you break it intentionally, will I be able to […]


Do you know what is the meaning of Jubilee? For my country, this year is a Jubilee year and it has significant impact on the nation. In ancient Israel, the Year of Jubilee was the name given to the fiftieth year, a year heralded with the blast of a trumpet. It was a year to […]


Sometimes I wonder whether being busy is a good thing. Whenever I received calls from friends and they asked me how I’m doing, I will informed them that I’ve been busy. And their reply will always be, ‘Oh well isn’t busy good? It means your business is picking up’ I beg to differ! The days […]

Starbucks Card

When I first sign up for my Starbucks card, I had no idea that I will frequent the cafe joint so much. But nobody can deny that Starbucks is everywhere. And in between waiting for people and appointments, I will visit the joint and order my favourite caramel macchiato. Another of my favourite cafe joint […]

It’s Alive!

Yes, my new starter yeast is still alive until today! I’m really excited and can’t wait to start baking with it. I’ve started the yeast last week and have been feeding it twice a day. For those that do not know, this is a prelude to my own sourdough bread. I’ve yet to taste a […]