It’s ironic how I blogged about how happy I am at this point of time but somehow I don’t feel any sense of accomplishments in my life nevertheless. Materially speaking I am contented and proud of myself that after 4 years of starting Epic, it can now stand on its own without having to resort […]


Ever since I have a new team member at work, I have to give up on my iMac for him to use. Because of that I no longer do any graphic or design work. Mostly web and marketing stuffs, so I guess a notebook would be sufficient. However, my existing notebook somehow has become slower […]

Hello Baby

It doesn’t take me very long to change to a new handphone when my Nokia Lumia fails me a couple of weeks ago. I was driving in my MPV and decided to switch to Bluetooth speaker for handsfree driving before it suddenly hanged for oblivion! Upon resetting (both hard and soft) it just shows the blue […]

Blog Blackout

If you have been following my blog almost everyday, you would have noticed the blank space in the webspace when you key in joyforevermore.com Yes, there’s been a blackout moment and I was too lazy and busy to fix the website. Initially was thinking to abandon the website altogether, but it’s utilising my hosting space […]

New Year 2014

I know it’s really late to be wishing everyone a Happy New Year! however, with increasing amount of work, I don’t see how I can possibly continue to blog, I’m trying my best though. But it’s easier to just pen it down in Moleskine and talk privately with God. Anyway, I did not have a […]