This is going to be my last blog post, it’s been fun, but with so many things happening in my real life, I don’t think I have time to lament and write about my life in the virtual space. So I’ve decided that I won’t be blogging anymore, at least for now. As of now, […]

Almost Human

I really enjoy watching the latest sitcom, Almost Human. After watching the new Robocop not too long ago, there’s this insatiable urge to see another robotic/android themed show. Almost Human is insatiable compares to Robocop, because instead of a part human, part robot machine, we have an engineered android working along with an experienced cop […]


I’m so disappointed to hear that this year there won’t be any BSF classes for me because there has been so many enrolments that there’s not enough leaders to conduct discussions group. It’s so sad! Why does this happened? Oh well, I guess whoever it is needed the place more than me. Perhaps I am […]


I stumbled upon YNAB (an acronyms for ‘You Need A Budget) almost accidentally online. For someone that has failed miserably in handling money before and once had a sky high credit card debts, I’m now able to start savings on a clean slate once again. I’m intimidated by the idea of starting a new budget […]