A Good Buy

Been a while since I posted anything that caught my fancy at the mall. It’s my birthday month and I am allowed to buy anything that caught my fancy. So, when I saw this Tintamar brand cross over bag that can double as a shopping bag, I immediately purchase it to replace the grey bag […]

A Cuppa Latte

I was pretty pleased seeing the cute little heart on top of the latte I brewed for a customer earlier. That I couldn’t help taking a snap shot of it and boast about it here. At the same time I can never understand the Generation Y’s fascination in regards to coffee brewing. They think that […]

Letting Go

I’ve decided to move on and abandon my involvement at the cafe. So starting next month, I will not be working or monitoring the cafe operations any longer. The fact that I’ve even gotten involve in the cafe biz is because I was kind enough to provide value-added services to the client based on goodwill. Since their […]

My Perfect Job

I took one of those lame quiz online yesterday. So what is my perfect job? And I was totally surprised! Your perfect job is viticulturist! You are close to nature, hardworking, and combine a certain sense of taste with sales ability. You could scale the Mount Olympus of wines with the vines you cultivate! You […]