Your Own Choice


Amazing but true. Enough said, the video very much speaks for itself what really transpires in real world. People expect everything to be ‘cheap’, ‘cheap’ and ‘cheap’ bottomline. Will they ever see the value in everything they buy? I don’t know. One thing I’ve learned is whenever there’s price involves, most customer will see money draining out from their pockets. They won’t see that the money gone to the service or product that they’ve purchased will bring back many happy memories and sometimes revenue in the things that they want to do with it.

Website is a very a good example. No doubt there are a lot of web designers in the market, and it’s very saturated. But it doesn’t mean that the services rendered will have to match the next lowest quote available. It’s all about quality and choice. And I want to emphasize the ‘choice’ you make. If all you ever want to spend on is equivalent to the price of a flip flops then don’t go shopping for a designer shoes, because everything has its own values. So at the end of the day, it’s all about your own choice to choose and decide on what best represents you as a person, as a businessperson and the brand that you’re trying to portray to the rest of the world.

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