Hooray, another job completed!

There goes my very ‘short’ weekend, I’ve been busy designing the website for the owner of All About Your Body.com.au after getting his flyer done. I’m glad that the website is finally completed as well. I have so much satisfaction seeing the new website and comparing it to those currently online. I think I did a great job so far and hopefully the owner will like his new website. I’ve tried my best Smile

I wish I can rest tomorrow, but then again, I have another 2 more projects to go through and looks like I won’t have much time to rest until all my part time’s work been done. Oh well, I don’t have much to complain about now since I’ve finally set up a new work station at home. It’s rather cosy and comfortable now that I have a room equipped with a work table, comfy chair and air-cond where I can concentrate on my work rather than at the sofa always being tempted to switch on the TV instead. Just look how productive I’ve been recently Smile 

p.s. By the way, my current home office is so comfortable, I don’t feel like going back to the office now. Confused

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