Till Death Do Us Part

I watched ‘Strange Rituals’ tonight on TV after an uneventful ‘Despicable Me’ in 3D at the cinema. If you haven’t seen Despicable Me, then don’t bother going, because I felt like walking out halfway through the movie.

Anyway strange rituals is a documentary on real rituals/customs gathered from all over the world. And tonight’s theme is on courtships, dating and strange ceremony. In the villages of Kyrgyzstan, marriage is a hunt that ends in a violent abduction of girls on the street. Once the girl was abducted, they will have to marry the man who abducted her and if she runs away, she will bring shame to the household of the abductor. Of course weeks before the abduction begins, the guy will actually go look for suitable girl that fit the quality that they want for a wife. It all sounds very barbaric and I can’t imagine such strange practice still exists in the modern world we live in. In New England, there’s even a stranger pagan hand-fasting ceremony that bonds not two but three in matrimony. I wasn’t sure how it works, apparently there were these 2 males and a female and they were so in loved with each other and got married together with the blessings of their small pagan community and family members. When interviewed, they were saying that never want their marriage to remain stagnant! especially emotionally. It seems that they can not accept the idea of being in a monogamous relationship whereby one of them have to divorce someone else in order to get married to another person. It’s really ridiculous, and I don’t have confident that their relationship will last. Yucks 😛

The show continues with the story of the online role-playing world, Second Life, which tell the story of two avatars who fell in love and got married, even though, in the real world, they had never met. It was so romantic when the lady finally met the man she’s been communicating with online all the while. I did not managed to see the part on India, where arranged marriages are still the norm. Maybe I’ll try to catch the repeats.


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