New Litter of Rotties

A colleague has just told me at the end of last week that his Rottweiler at home has just given birth to a litter of puppies after a one night stand with a stud. Tongue out He has been asking me to get a puppy from him. There are a total of 9 puppies and 7 of them are females! Yay! to female dominations! Unfortunately, having 2 dogs will mean additional responsibilities and I guess I’ve enough of it for now. Raising a puppy is hard work, they need to be fed several times a day because they can’t handle large portions. At the same time, I’ll have to ensure that they are properly vaccinated, toilet trained and in my case ensure that Teddy won’t bully it. I never really had any problems with Teddy when I brought him back from SPCA almost 2 years ago. He’s just a bit timid compared to most dog but overall, very well behaved. Although I would prefer a smarter dog Tongue out

Rottie is known for their fierce temperaments, and that is why they need to be properly trained. I guess it will make a good guard dog for my house compared to Teddy, but I’m just not sure about getting a new puppy because a lot of things in my life are so uncertain right now. I wish my life is simpler and I have all the time in the world to take care of new puppies and train them to be a responsible adult dog.

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