Junks for Charity?

I’m a bit skeptical how the junks we have at home can be donated away to use for charity. I wonder what they do with it. I get my mom to call the pickup van yesterday to come over to our house to pick up some items which we no longer want to use. I found out that they either re-sell the items which they’ve collected from any household and then contribute the money to charity. It’s good to know that something is being done for charity sake.
A while back, I used to visit places like Cash Converter to sell off all my unused items. I don’t get a lot of money from doing that and they only accept items which are still in good working conditions. Apparently after paying us the money, they will resell those items in their shop at a higher price (smart huh?) I saw a used tennis racquet in the shop once being sold at RM80 and some rather good stuffs like kitchenware. If you appreciate junk, then that place is a good place to visit, who knows you might pick up something that you like.
So, as for today, I managed to dispose off the queen size bed frame and mattress in one of my guestroom, a computer workstation, a cpu and monitor which is not working properly anymore, 2 office chairs and a bicycle. I like throwing away old stuffs because then, it will be easier to clean the house.  I still have a lot of stuffs in the house but I can live with that for now.

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