That’s how you say ‘Hello’ in Korean Hot and that’s what I learned earlier in order to greet the Koreans who came and visit me at my house. I get to hear of the opportunity to foster Korean children studying in Malaysia through an acquaintance. And so I thought it’s something that I might want to explore. And this afternoon I get to understand a little bit what it’s all about. Apparently hosting a foster child is a BIG responsibility! You can’t leave them alone in the house with no adult supervision even for a short period of time like 2-3 hours eventhough they are 10-12 years old. We need to monitor their homework and ensure that they don’t end up in front of computer or TV for long period of time! It’s like taking care of your own child except that the child belongs to someone else, thus the BIG responsibility.
Well, I don’t really mind the responsibility if it’s well worth the effort. I guess at the end of the day, I have to understand how having a foster child affect my everyday lifestyle as well. In terms of financial justification, the cost of having a child staying with you varies. Our meals have always been very flexible, it’s either we eat out or cook something really simple during weekends, however if we have a child staying with us, things will be different, they need to have all the nutrients they can get from their diet, so a healthy home cooked meal is a must. At the same time, I was told that we need to bring them to Korean restaurant from time to time because  they might missed food from home as well.
A short period of 10-12 months will have to be meaningful for everyone, there is a purpose for their parents to send them all the way to Malaysia, and that is to improve their English while exploring the new culture. I have to help the child adjust himself very well here, knowing that being separated from their parents is probably not an easy thing especially for a young pre-teens child. I’ll probably won’t have much time relaxing at home anymore during weekends because I may need to plan our time bringing the child to places like the museum, theathre, art gallery, zoo, historical landmarks or other tourist attractions so he will be exposed to different things and adapt themselves better. I’m excited with the opportunity to introduce our varied culture to a foreigner especially when I am not working Tongue out but what’s in it for me? A chance to experience being a parent? An opportunity for me to leave my job and focused on my new venture? For me to make a difference in someone else life? Well I don’t really know, I’m not sure whether this program will really work for me, and I’m not sure what the future will hold for me as well. So I guess I’ll just have to wait and see for now since the program will only starts in September this year. (Plenty of time for me to change my mind) I’m excited and at the same time can’t help feeling optimistic of the future despite it being so uncertain. Smile

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  1. I heard of this before, it happened we have 2 korean pre-teens who were fetched to school by taxi and they got in to an accident. The minder had no money to pay for the treatment until the parents TT money from Korea to pay for the bill. Thats when I found out people in KL can get paid to mind foreign kids studying in KL at Int’ Schools. But I dont know how much the lady got paid.

  2. Yeah, I will get paid for fostering the child. And on top of that, will get paid for home tuition guide them in their homework whenever they need it. I don’t want to post how much I am doing it for, and anyway the program will only starts in September this year, so not sure whether I will do it by then. It’s a full time job 😛 because I have to be at home when they get back from school and ensure that they do their homework in the afternoon. If I decide to do it meaning I may need to quit my job 😛 (But maybe I would have lose my job by then.)

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