A Cruel World

The residents of Pulau Ketam couldn’t be anymore cruel when they decided to round up 400 of stray dogs populating within their island and transported them to a nearby isolated island. How can they do that? They don’t want to hurt those dogs by putting them to sleep, and out of a sudden they created another plight instead. Some of those poor doggies tried their best to swim back to the island but they were not allowed to go on land and instead were drowned in the sea. Crying  And so many of the remaining dogs died of starvation and those still alive have to eat the carcasses of the dead dogs. Thank God that now their stories are being highligted to the public and now everyone can do their bit to help out.

I was just telling this story to a new colleague of mine because it really disturb me a lot and he went and told me of another story of the illegal immigrants in a particular country. He was asking me do you know what they did to the immigrants? He said the authorities brought them out all the way to the middle of the ocean and leave them in a motorboat without petrol so they won’t be able to swim back or do anything. Luckily the boat was found by the marine and the United Nations demanded that they transport those immigrants back to their home country.

Gosh! I can’t imagine humans doing that to their own kind Sad They just want to get rid of the problems and not give any thoughts to the plight of others.

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