X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I went and watch Wolverine last night with Lester and it was really good! I like the amazing fight scenes throughout the movie. Althought the plot of how Wolverine came to be has been distorted a bit, I think it’s great that they add in love scenes to replace the original story. However, it made the storyline more predictable though. My favourite scene was the fight between Wolverine, Sabretooth and Deadpool in the end. I wish they will create more origins showcase of all the other characters in X-Men especially my favourite Mystique Wink
It’s really cool, so please go watch it in the cinema if you haven’t seen it yet.

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  1. I also like the Sabretooth character, just last week I watched another movie (DEFIANCE) starring the same Sabretooth guy (Liev Schreiber), you should get the DVD from Pasar Malam (DEFIANCE is a good movie about the Germans World War 2). Regards, Ah Hean.

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