Definition of success

What is your definition of success? Is being successful means having a great career or business, being able to raise your dream family, driving high-end car, staying in a big house and having lots of money in the bank? Those that say yes probably think that life is all about living the moment and enjoying it to the fullest with your loved ones. Yeah I agree that is important but I’d like to share how being successful is to me, below are examples of successful personalites (for me)… 
I’m sure everyone has heard of Helen Keller before, the first blind and deaf person that earned a degree and at the same time, was a very famous author, lecturer and political activist. She’s great, but a lot of people forget how she learned to communicate through her dedicated tutor, Annie Sullivan. She was the person that never gives up on Helen when she was young and work through the barrier of her handicapped.
Hudson Taylor, the British missionary to China that choose to dressed up like the Chinese and who was responsible for the set-up of the society which brings in 800 missionaries to China and the resulting conversion of 18,000 Christian conversions during the 18th century. He not only survived through the many riots in China but made an impact to the Christian community worldwide for his zeal for China despite being a caucasian and being seen as a ‘white devil’ by the chinese. There are so many miracles centering this man and he has been compared to Apostle Paul in the bible.
Japanese girl named Aya Kit?, who suffered from spinocerebellar ataxia, that despite being diagnosed with a very cruel disease, did not give up on living  and instead managed to make a difference in alot of people’s lives through the positive notes in her diary which she never fails to write no matter how hard it is for her to do so.
Someone closer at my work place, my new Sales Director, that I came to admire through her relentless pursuit for answers from God. She’s an amazing woman! ( I can’t write down her life story here without her permission Tongue out)
Hhhhmmm I’m sure there are a few more personalities which really inspires me, but I just can’t recall it at the moment. For me being successful in life is about making a difference not just in our own personal lives, but to the people around us as well. If you’d ask me, I’ll say that I’m inspired by all these people to be successful myself. I just need to believe that I can do it in my own way. Thinking 

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