Healthier Me

It’s funny how people tend to take care of their health only when they are about to lose it. I guess that is the case with me at least. Recently I really feel the effect after years of unhealthy lifestyle. Stress, pollutions, chemicals in food, sedentary lifestyle all add up to the unhealthy me now. Perhaps part of it is my fault for choosing to be lazy than active and my poor choice of food over time.

Being in my early 30s now, I now start to feel sluggish, bloated, low in concentration, had terrible migraines and of course tired most of the time. I’m not sure what to do except to start being serious about my food choices and lifestyle. I have had so many diet books that I’ve lost count of it, but I’m now reading some of the book in regards to detox again.

I now vow to be healthier by next year and that’s my aim for now. Without good health I know I won’t get very far, I can’t even focus on work! I can’t think properly and am always feeling tired and lethargic. I know I can’t continue that way, I hate feeling sluggish and unhealthy. Tomorrow will be a new day, a day when I choose to live healthy 🙂

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