New Hobby

I’ve a new hobby and even though it sounds weird, I’m going to blog about it anyway. That I am not a cyclist and I DON’T KNOW how to cycle 😛 Yesterday was nerve wrecking, but I finally can ride behind two wheels now, and as usual I realize I just need to have confident that I can cycle! Other than that, I am perfectly fine.

The idea of cycling actually comes to me while I was sleeping. In my dream, I was riding this white bicycle and remember feeling so light and carefree. And when I woke up, I told Lester that I wanted to have a bicycle and he bought it for me for Christmas. Although I nearly gotten a white and purple bicycle, in the end, it was a blue instead.

So today I’m actually better, finally know how to use the brake better and just want to get rid of the feeling that I might crash into something when I am going too fast. Tomorrow’s a new day, and I hope I will be able to go round the neighborhood by then.

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