New Year Resolution

I’m so blessed to have had a wonderful 2010, it was a year where I get to kick-start my dream and really get to reap the benefits of being independent. I finally get to drive in my very own car, conquered other phobias and have more confident in myself.

So now that we’re at the threshold of a new year, there are even more things that I would like to see carry out before the year-end. In a nutshell, I want to travel to Europe, get Epic to be even more successful than the previous year, expand my social network and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, I want to feel secure and contented where I am now before I can start giving back to those around me. It sounds like a lot, but isn’t that what new year resolution is all about? We have like a list of resolutions and then see whether we’ll be able to make it in the year to come?

Happy New Year!

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