Meow meow

I was on my way back from my walk with Teddy and then I heard this consistent meowing near the tennis court. I noticed there were around 3 tiny kittens scrambling around trying to look for their mom with their eyes barely open. Maybe someone must have left the kittens there for some reason, because I can’t locate any big momma cat around. Not sure what to do, I used to rescue stray kittens when I was a child in my flats, then later on in my childhood days, a neighbourhood cat chased me and clawed me because I was passing by its master’s home. Eversince then I’ve never like cats or kittens anymore, no matter how cute or tiny they are. They are just mean, nasty and lazy in my opinion Tongue out But this is after I’ve officially become a dog person, I’m not anti-cat, I just don’t like them very much.

Anyway, I was on the phone with a friend as I was walking past and she was saying that I’m heartless to leave those poor kittens alone and did not do anything. So, I went back with Lester after leaving Teddy at home and put them all in my shoe box. Hehee….so now at least they have a shelter in case in rain and can stay cuddle up with each other. I couldn’t resist snapping pictures of them as we were leaving and also hope that the neighbourhood girl who was there with us at the same time will bring them home.

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  1. i wondered how can u so cruel to the kitten? *sob sob* luckily u went back and save them. now i know that Lisa is a kind person, as kind as i always thought 😉 hehehe

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