What does an entrepreneur need to know?

Marshall Goldsmith: I have had a guaranteed base salary of zero for the last 30 years. You have to earn it. It’s kind of hard to coast when you are an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs don’t get headaches. Don’t get a cold. You just suck it up. It’s part of your life. No one is taking care of you. The good news is entrepreneurs tend to be high in terms of personal responsibility. They find their work meaningful. They have a positive attitude in what they are doing.

Hhhmmm, interesting. I was reading e-zine trying to search through remedy to cure my burn out from my current work and found this paragraph of what Marshall Goldsmith (He’s the writer of ‘How to get your Mojo back’) wrote about what he thinks an entrepreneur should know. I especially like the part where I highlight in bold because I really do feel that I am all alone. It’s like a race where I have to continue to keep running so to make sure that everything stays the same around me.

At times, the words ‘carry the weight’ sounds so true to me in my never-ending race. And at times I just want a break so badly especially with the year-end festive season. I’m not sure whether I can sustain my dream, but I want to continue to persevere. I envy friends and family members that are able to travel when their heart desires. I think I have to make peace with the fact that some things are definitely easier for certain people. Some just have their entire life charted out for them and in the end, nothing is much of a challenge and all they have to do is just enjoy life as it is.

Oh well, I’ll just have to get back to work and continue to suck it up now ….and hopefully someday I’ll have something worthwhile to share, instead of trips and vacations to distant lands.

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