Teddy did it again

Amidst my busyness I must have neglected my dog, Teddy. Today he ran out as usual wondering around the neighborhood happily. By the time I got home, he’s nowhere to be seen, which is unusual because usually he will be sitting at the gate waiting for me.

Later on my neighbor opposite rang the door bell and told me that the dog catcher has caught hold of Teddy in front of the house while he’s waiting for me to get home. She was saying that if I want to get him back, I have to go to the dog pound which is quite a distance away. So today, I spent my entire day getting Teddy back from the dog pound and paying the fine, around RM150 for releasing him into the streets 🙁

I sent him to his saloon to be groomed, I think he’s been traumatized by the entire experience, poor guy. When he saw me he was happy again and when we finally got home which is about 10pm then, he finished up all his food. Oh well, he’s sleeping like a baby now, but I noticed both his thighs are hurt, not sure whether another dog bite him or he was hurt during the experience. But one thing for sure is, Teddy will never be out alone on the streets again, I’m so glad he’s ok now.

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