Pretty Little Liars Can Be Pretty Addictive

Who would have thought that I will actually spend time in another one of these teen sitcoms? But the fact that the story line is a bit of Gossip Girl meet ‘I know what you did last summer’ has it’s interesting and scary portions which make a sitcom well …addictive! Anyway this is a new show from ABC and I am not exactly sure how long will it last with all the mystery surrounding the show. I mean after all secrets get a bit old and boring if it remains a secret forever?

So the story is about these ‘pretty’ group of girls with their own weird characters and secrets that never really get along but somehow clique because of their queen bee, Alison. And then one day the queen bee disappeared and was never found until a year later. The show never really show how they confirm that the corpse really belonged to the queen bee or someone else? But after the corpse was found and when everyone started school again, the group of girls start to receive mysterious SMS, notes from someone with the initial ‘A’. The ridiculous part is it’s as if they were being watched all the time, because every time they did something wrong, an SMS starts to appear either teasing them or sarcastically reminding them that someone knows their secret! So I don’t understand what is the big secret that they are hiding to the extend that they can ignore the agony of receiving those terrible messages instead of going to the police and reveal everything?

Perhaps that’s why the show was called ‘Pretty Little Liars’ so that they can continue to lie to us throughout the entire season. I wonder whether I will be bored soon? And where is my Supernatural???? Arrggghhh!!!!

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