Adam where are you?

In the Bible, God was looking for Adam because He can’t find him after he has sinned. It’s funny how we tend to hide after we did something wrong. In times like these we tend to hide and disappear from the face of the earth until everyone has forgotten about us. Perhaps it’s something which we wish we’ve never committed and were ashamed of, words that were spoken and can’t be taken back, choices made that cannot be changed. I am sure we’ve all experienced that at one point of our life or another, however, I was thinking, instead of hiding and being defeated, why not we face it? Face the dissappointment and overcome it.

Friends who are feeling hurt right now would have think that it is easier said than done, considering the fact that I am not the one who is feeling that way. I think that life is full of disappointment and hurts, that is why it is a journey.

Just the other day, I was feeling deeply hurt by my mom’s words. I’ve never imagined that my mother could utter such words of hate and malice to her youngest daughter, it happened quite frequently since my childhood. The Bible mentioned to parents to not provoke their children, but to bring┬áthem up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. My parents obviously do not know that, since they are not Christians and they probably received the same treatment from their parents.

So it is up to me to choose to forgive and then try my best to forget. I have to admit it’s not an easy thing to do and I’d rather not do it. But then I remember that Jesus gone through much worse for me, He make the first move to reconcile me back to Him through the give of salvation despite the fact that I’m a sinner. Being a part of His kingdom, I can choose to continuously be hurt and agonize by the fact that my parents never really love me or overcome it because I have something more lasting and more eternal, God’s love and reassurance that He’s there and been through what I’ve just experienced.

What I am trying to highlight is that unless we are shown forgiveness, we can’t really forgive, unless we’re really hurt, we can’t experience the extend of pain that we’ve caused others when we hurt them. In short, we will always be sad or hurt one way or another throughout our life, but I hope my friends will choose to overcome it instead of be consume by it.

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