Yoga or the new age occult?

A while back, I signed up for Yoga classes near my residential area hoping to instill additional exercise routine into my life. I’ve never fail to walk Teddy everyday unless it rains, but I’ve always wanted to do other sports as well. Yoga it seems is the kind of physical activity in which I can do alone at home or with a group of people in classes, that’s why I want to try it.

Of course as a Christian, I know better that we are not allowed to practice Yoga. I remember at one point of time, I asked the elders in my church why and all I heard is that the meditation part of Yoga will get us into some form of trance. So, hearing that I thought that I can separate the meditative part of Yoga and just practice the technical postures. I went right ahead and signed up for classes thinking that it’s just some form of exercise that is beneficial for my body. I knew something is not right, because at the end of the day we’re still suppose to relax and meditate right after the exercise. So I’ve decided to stop.

Well, dealing with the occult does have its effect, when we’re attempting to connect with the spirits through a Quija board, we’re using a tool to access the spiritual dimension of this world. By practicing Yoga, we’re allowing our body to be accessed by external spirits by channeling the so called ‘energy’ deep within us via the different form of poses and mediatation. It sounds absurd but that’s exactly what Yoga do. Disguising itself as a form of exercise that will help us destress and attain great physical shapes, Yoga is definitely more than that. Deep within the root of Yoga, is the Kundalini spirit and awakening that will help to make you become one with the universe thus losing your own identity in the process. Peace comes in many form, and many people has been deceived into thinking that it’s all the same. Hypnosis form of peace is not peace. And that’s the goal of Yoga eventually, which is to awaken the Kundalini spirit within your body so that your ‘third eye’ can be open in which you have reached enlightment and become god. (I’m not exaggerating, you can do a search for Kundalini and find out about it). My message is to not practice Yoga no matter what. There are a lot of exercises that a person can do, apart from Yoga.

Below are the videos in Youtube, a documentary as to whether a believer can practice Yoga and still worship God. It’s rather interesting. (Part 1 of 3) (Part 2 of 3) (Part 3 of 3)

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