Mountain moving prayers

It has been a while since I’ve allocate a special time to pray. All these while, my quite time has been the time when I walk Teddy in the evening, whereby I’ll reflect on what has happened throughout the day, where I did wrong and how I should work on it and to think about the goodness of God and His grace so far. When I was younger, I used to dedicate a special time for praying purposes.
However, as I grow older, there are distractions everywhere. Perhaps the internet is no longer a tool we use to look for information, it’s also a social space to network and it’s easy to spent hours if not an entire day in front of our computer at times. Well, now that I’ve experienced how addictive MMORPG is, I’ve finally outgrown it. I believe that in whatever we do, there’s no bad or right way of how we want to achieve things. At times we may be sheltered from bad influence, but once a boundary has been created and enforced, we’ll come up with whatever reason there is out there to cross over the boundary. God knows better, in the beginning there has never been any law, or set of rules whereby humans must adhere to no matter what. But history has to be created before we learn anything from the past, so there’s the 10 commandments from the day of Moses up to this very day, a perfect set of rules which God past down to Moses to relay to the Israelites to follow. Now, the thing is, God knew that there’s no way we can uphold all the rules set forth in the commandments, but we wanted desperately to prove that we’re superior beings, to always do something to justify for own existence in this universe. We need to do charity works to prove to the world or ourselves that we are good people, there’s always something which we want to do when all God ever wanted from us is to uphold Him first in our lives.
Gosh, I seem to have stray away from tonight’s blog topic. I want to say that God has been good to me, but I’m living in difficult times and there are things happening around me which I can’t understand why and I don’t know what to do, so I need to learn to pray again. Someone recently shared with me how she managed to get out from the pit she’s in, losing millions of dollars overnight while suffering from deterioting health. And guess what? She survived through prayers where she unload all her problems to God! She’s now a deacon in her church and a respected elder. There are a lot of testimonials out there, stories of how God answered prayers and there are also reasons why He never answer all the prayer request out there. For those who are still waiting for God to answer your prayers, remember to persevere, He knows best.

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