A waste of time

It’s a dissappointment nonetheless Sad Street Fighter, The Legend of Chun Li was nothing like how I’ve imagine it to be. Not only did they select a Caucasian to be Chun Li, the rest of the casts in the show can’t act. As a result, there’s these cheesy feel to the entire show. All I can say is, it’s so obvious that the show is a low budget film. Someone must have slashed the cost of productions to the extend they choose places like Bangkok and Hong Kong? Hhhmm actually I don’t think that they even filmed it in Hong Kong since those scenes were all indoor, who knows right?

Anyway, there’s nothing impressive at all about the movie except for a moment when I thought that Chun Li’s topsy turvy kick might be able to impress me enough to salvage my experience. In the end, all it did was to make me look forward to the end of the show. Another thing I don’t quite understand is, why they don’t allow kids to see the show when the storyline is so meant for kids….girl loves her father, father was taken away, plans her revenge, kicked butts along the way and killed the main villain with a force field generated from air? Sarcastic

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